4 Things We LOVE About EDM & Rave Festivals

*written by Cody Jandrok for Electronica Life

Summer aka Festival Season is upon us! But some of the biggest and best are already happening with events like EDC New York that passed recently and the upcoming EDC Las Vegas just around the corner!

These events are known to draw crowds in the tens-of-thousands from places all over the world! Any festival you visit is a melting pot of humanity and it blends together perfectly to form the fondue we know and love as PLUR. PLUR is not new by any means, but it no doubt has stood the test of time. From Woodstock to Ultra the love is alive and this social media generation allows it to reach people who aren’t physically there, but who still want to experience a feeling like no other.

So what is it about festivals that hooks people so deep? That keeps them coming back for more year after year? That causes such a mass of humanity to come together and show their love of music and of eachother? Here are 4 things we LOVE about festivals that keep us coming back!

#1 – The Atmosphere
Whether you’re under the Electric Sky or the beautiful Miami sun, the stunning locations where many major festivals are held are only a small piece of the atmosphere created by these events. The other part comes from people just like you, there to show love for the music and their fellow ravers. Language barriers are broken, with everybody easily understanding the language of music no matter where they’re from. Everybody jumping in unison as a crowd favorite tune comes blasting over the speakers, and dancing like nobody is watching. The spine tingling sensation you get when you finally hear a song you love, and you get to sing along with a thousand other people who share the same feeling you do. Looking around to see total strangers hugging it out and showing that there is still some humanity in this world. These festivals are a testament to that, where you’re welcome (literally) with open arms.

#2 The Variety
Let’s face it, even though we all come together for the love of music, we all have different tastes and opinions when it comes to what we like. The beauty of festivals comes from the fact that this variety in taste is sated by the massive list of DJs and producers that play at any given time. Dubstep, Trap, House, Moombahton, Dancehall, Trance, you name it and there’s likely a DJ booked to bring the sound. You’re not forced to listen to anything you don’t want to hear, but if you feel like experiencing a new type of sound there’s plenty of options! The downside to so much variety is that you may love a bunch of different DJs that are playing at the same time, and running across festival grounds to hear all of their sets is likely to wear you out long before the day is done. Not to mention your crew might want to check out other sets at the same time! But with many festivals being livestreamed now, you’re most likely able to catch the entire set on Youtube the day after.

#3 The Staff
Without the fine men and women who put together these wonderful events, they would have never existed! Whenever there’s a festival, many people are too excited about the event itself and their favorite DJs playing that they forget about who really made it happen. The crews who work tirelessly to set up stages and fixtures, the ride attendants, vendors, police/security and medical crews! These wonderful people provide a fun and amazing event that creates memories for all of us. You sometimes see them when they’re busting a move on stage or when they’re dancing on the side, but the ones who work behind the scenes to make sure everybody is safe, healthy and having fun, they’re the real MVPs and they deserve all the love the DJs get! Next time you’re at a festival, find somebody who made your experience amazing and give them a hug. It’s what keeps THEM coming back every year to make your experience memorable. Show some love!

#4 The Outfits
Everybody has an outfit (in some cases an outfit for each day!) that they love to wear when it’s festival time. It’s comfortable, it’s breathable and most importantly it’s an extension of your personality. Some of the most amazing and creative outfits have been worn at some of the biggest and best festivals around the world, and no matter where you go you’ll see people wearing their personalities like another layer of skin, displaying their love of the culture and the music. Kandi is a popular choice, with all colors of the rainbow on display along with matching bikinis, shorts, tanks and shirts, hats and masks, shoes, glasses and more! Looking out into the sea of people at a festival and you’ll see a kaleidoscope of personalities. The success of an outfit can mean life or death for some of the most hardcore ravers out there!

These are just SOME of the things we love about festivals! If we missed anything, feel free to leave a comment below and share with your friends so they can tell us about their favorites!