1 On 1 With Spanish DJ Abel Ramos On Recent Success & Performing At Tomorrowland 2015

*written by Corey Schrade for Electronica Life
Spain is home to many beautiful forms of art and the same goes for DJ and Producer, Abel Ramos. Set to perform this month at the Mecca of Electronic Dance Music festivals Tomorrowland, the Madrid based artist will be making his mark on that stage and throughout the  summer, while spreading his unique style of House and Techno, both groovy and deep. With his eclectic style he has found continued success on the rise since 2008 . Performing at some of the most sought after clubs and festivals around the world, Abel has remained on the radar and worked  alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. We recently had the chance to link up with Abel in a one on one regarding his upcoming future as he prepares for a career defining moment at Tomorrowland.

Corey Since releasing on Axwells ‘Axtone Records’, you’ve been conquering some of the world’s leading venues, and now this summer you’re performing at Tomorrowland, one of the world’s largest and most prized dance music festivals. What is your preparation and mindset going into the festival?

Abel – The truth is that I have no preparation prior to an event and I won’t do it there either. I’d much rather improvise with the public, I really like the crowd to be the one who drives the set with their emotions. When you finish a set where your connection with the crowd has been 100%, its simply like…WOW!

Corey – With so many fans coming from around the globe, what does performing at Tomorrowland mean to you, your music and your fans?

Abel – Its a real honor. To play at Tomorrowland is just as if someone called you up to play the World Cup in Football! You know thousands of people will be there looking out for your set and that gives it an extra added excitement.

Corey – In regards to preparation for Tomorrowland and your set list, is there a difference for you between club performances versus festival performances?

Abel – It will surely have a variation, if only small. The music might be more direct as it is a big festival and in these cases, normally sets are much shorter. You have to go more straight to the point. I am a DJ who likes to develop through my sets and in one hour I nearly haven’t started the warm up!  I prefer longer sets, a minimum of 2 or 3 hours.

Corey – In 2009, Roger Sanchez named you Breakthrough DJ/Producer of the year, what did that recognition mean to you and how has it helped shape who you are today as an artist?

Abel – The words of a big maestro such as Roger is something that makes you feel great and makes you carry on working  harder. The truth is that I have those words present in my career, they are a big stimulus in the studio.

Corey – You’ve had continued success since ‘Rotterdam City of Love’ and with your most recent release ‘Get Back’ on Doorn Records. What is your motivation that continues to inspire you today?

Abel – The crowd is the best possible motivation. I think they are the engine of the music. For me, it is very important to gauge the reaction of the crowd when I first try a track just released from the studio. I use the dancefloor as my main screen of results.

Corey – It’s very clear that you have a distinct and eclectic sound, what do you feel is the foundation of that?

Abel – The base of a track is a priority for me. It is very important that everything I do has its own groove and personality. If not, you can fall into the mediocrity of copying others and that is something I do not like.

Corey – You’ve worked and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the game. If you could pick any 3 artists from any genre and era to collaborate with, who would they be and why?

Abel – Without any doubt Axwell is to me, the most complete artist. Randy Katana also because no one can create a good groove like he does, and Michael Jackson because he is the biggest artist the music industry has ever given us.

Corey – What is the most important, rewarding and meaningful thing about Electronic Dance Music to you?

Abel – I love to see people happy in my sets or when listening to my music. It is something that makes me feel extremely good! I think that the final assignment of music is to ultimately make people feel good, so I like to deliver that wherever and whenever I can.

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